Pak-N-Stor is your mobile pod storage serving the Calgary area.

We Delivera Quikpak mobile storage pod right to your home, or business. We bring portable storage to your door!

You Pack - take any amount of time to load your Quikpak mobile storage pod. 

We Storewhen you're done, we pick up your Quikpak mobile storage pod and take them to our secure, heated storage facility.


The Pak-n-Stor advantage over the competition. 

  1. Pack Smarter. Our Quikpak™ allows you to separate your belongings by room, season, or use, making it simple to find a specific item when it comes time to access within our warehouse or unload. 
  2. Pack Safer. By separating your belongings, you no longer have to store dirty garage items together with your bedroom items or expensive furniture. 
  3. Pack Tighter. Pack your Quikpaks™ tighter and easier than a large metal container. Because they are packed tighter you avoid load shifting or damaging items during the delivery and transit of your Quikpak™.
  4. Store Smarter. Our Quikpaks™ are built out of weather resistant exterior grade timber and plywood to provide a stable, breathable, and chemical free mobile storage solution. The breath-ability of our units prevents any condensation from building, and keeps your goods smelling just like they did when you packed them, versus a large metal container.
  5. Deliver Better. Pak-n-Stor lifts your Quikpaks™ straight up and straight down. We never tilt our Quikpaks™, versus metal container delivery.
  6. Store Indoors. We always store your Quikpaks™  indoors, never outdoors. This keeps your electronics and furniture safe in our climate controlled facility so nothing gets damaged from temperature change.
  7. Pay Less. With our Quikpaks™ you order as much, or as little storage as you require for your unique situation. This saves you money versus using one large container and not using all the space. Even more reasons to why choose Pak-n-Stor.
  8. Customer Experience. We have served Calgary for over 14 years. We stand by our reputation in making our customer's experience seamless and stress-free. TESTIMONIALS.
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