Pak-n-Stor is self storage delivered to you.

Our QuikPak™ storage pods will solve your storage needs in 3 easy steps. 

  1. 1
    We Deliver

    • We deliver our weatherproof QuikPak™ storage pods to your home, apartment, or business. We will place your QuikPak wherever you need them. In your parking space, driveway, or on the street. We can navigate down alleys, narrow driveways, or areas with limited access. Pak-n-Stor™ always lifts your QuikPaks™ straight up and straight down. We never tilt our Quikpaks™.storage Calgary
    • The perfect size. Each QuikPak™ storage pod is 8′ long x 5′ wide x 7′ tall, and has been the storage industry’s standard size for over 100 years. Each pod is designed to hold 1 – 1.5 rooms of goods or 2000 lbs of weight, and we have special rates for multiple QuikPaks rented.
    • Pack Smarter. Our QuikPak™ storage pods have the advantage of enabling you to separate your belongings by room, season, or use, making it simple to find a specific item when it comes time to access within our warehouse, and when it comes time to unload at your home.
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    You Pack – click for more
    • Organize and load your belongings into a ground-level storage pod on a stress-free schedule. Pack with no time restraint. When you’re done, just lock the QuikPak storage pod and keep your keys. With our mobile storage, you only pack once. Only pay for as much storage as you use. Save your time. Save your money.storage Calgary
    • Easier to pack. Our size has a proven advantage in preventing damage as it’s easier to pack belongings in multiple QuikPak™ storage pods rather than one large container. This gives you easier access to your belongings when it comes time to unload, or to get something out.
    • Pack Tighter. Pack your QuikPaks™ Calgary storage pods tighter and easier than a large container. With Pak-n-Stor you avoid load shifting or damaging items during the delivery and transit of your QuikPak™.
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    We Store – click for more
    • Always stored indoors. Our facility is climate controlled and sprinkler equipped. Fire and security systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Additional security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gates. All guests must register at the office prior to entering the premise. Free viewing/access of your QuikPak™ storage pod is available with 24 hours notice. Our storage center is clean, dry, warm, safe, and secure.Calgary storage
    • Store Smarter. Our QuikPaks™ Calgary storage pods are built out of weather resistant exterior grade timber and plywood to provide a stable, breathable, and chemical free mobile storage solution. The breath-ability of our units prevents any condensation from building, and keeps your goods smelling just like they did when you packed them, versus a large metal container.
    • Family Experience. We are locally owned, operated, and a family run business. You will never get a call center. We have served thousands of customers since 2001 in the Calgary mobile storage industry. We will make your moving and storage experience seamless and stress free. 

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