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Store Your Summer Items this Winter

Now that we are deep into autumn and our first snowfall is not too far away, it’s a great time to get your summer equipment, clothing and furniture packed up and stored for the winter. Clear space in your home, yard and garage, while protecting valuable belongings over our long Canadian winter with Pak-n-Stor self storage

Calgary Storage of Summer Items

Pak-n-Stor Mobile Self-Storage

Pak-n-Stor makes Calgary storage easy. We deliver our storage containers right to your home or business to pack at your convenience. Our optimally sized containers fit nicely into parking spaces, driveways or narrow alleys. Take your time packing the containers and we’ll pick them up when you are done. Our Never Tilt guarantee will keep your goods protected throughout transportation and storage. We can store the containers in our secure, climate controlled Calgary storage warehouse for as long as needed. When you want your belongings returned, we’ll deliver your containers anywhere you need in the city.

What Items to Store

Wouldn't it be great to clear out all the summer items from your garage, yard, closets and spare rooms so you can have an uncluttered winter? Look around your home to see all the valuables you'd like to protect over the winter months. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Yard Furniture

Patio furniture, yard decorations and even your expensive barbecue (not propane tanks) are all good to safely and securely protect in self-storage, away from the snow and cold of the winter. Don’t let your expensive outdoor furniture rust and deteriorate outside all winter long.

Lawn Equipment

Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, wheel barrels, gardening pots, water hoses and other yard maintenance items can all be cleared from your garage or yard for the winter. By storing these items away from your home, you'll keep room in your garage for parking on those cold winter nights. With Pak-n-Stor storage containers, you'll be able to separate your possessions into different storage containers to protect more delicate items. You don't want to store your clothing with your gardening equipment, for example.

Children’s Toys

Swimming pools, outdoor games, bicycles, skateboards, wagons, sandboxes and other toys are also perfect to put away for the winter. It’s also a great surprise for the kids when their belongings are returned in the spring. :-)

Summer Clothing

Clear out summer clothing from your closets to make room for warmer clothes and snow gear. Your closets are full enough with only one season of clothing. Don’t let your summer clothing cramp your closets all winter long.

Sporting Goods

Boats, fishing gear, bicycles and other summer sporting equipment are also good to safely store away for the winter. Protect your expensive bicycles and other sporting goods from damage or theft from your garage in the winter. Plus, it’s really nice to have an uncluttered garage all winter long. Having room for both cars and clear walking access will make those cold winter mornings much more bearable. 

Calgary Storage Made Easy

Don’t leave your valuable equipment outside in the yard all winter or cluttering your garage. Clearing out space in your yard, garage and closets will make everything much more accessible and remove stress. An uncluttered house is a happy house. Let Pak-n-Stor take all the hassles out of your winter storage so you can focus on enjoying time with your family at home this winter. Call us today at 403-255-7213

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Pak-n-Stor is a family operated Calgary self storage company. We’ve been helping Calgary residents and businesses for the past 15 years.

Secure Storage Warehouse


Prior to storage each QuikPak must be padlocked and only you hold the key. Outside security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gate. Guests must register at the office prior to entry into the secure storage premise. The interior of our facility is heated to protect your furniture and electronics from harsh winter weather. Additionally fire and security systems are professionally monitored 24/7.

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We are Ken and Justin, a father and son team. We are the founders and owners of Pak-n-Stor. You call, we answer. No automated call centers, or scheduling delays. Call us today, we’ll deliver our QuikPak containers as quickly as you need them.

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Pak-n-Stor makes storage easy. We care about great customer service. We make moving and storage so much simpler. Our mission is to save you time and money on storage and moving. In Calgary we are you all-in-one moving and storage partner.