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Save time and hassles by having Pak-n-Stor self-storage containers delivered right to your home.

Decluttering with Pak-n-Stor Calgary Storage

Getting rid of the clutter in your home is a great way to free up space and make your house more comfortable and welcoming. Everyone owns many things they haven’t used in years and probably won’t use again, but it’s hard to throw away perfectly good and valuable possessions. You don’t need to choose what to keep and what to discard with Pak-n-Stor. Let us store your belongings to clear up more space in your home.

Calgary Self-Storage for Decluttering

The Simplicity Movement

There has been a large and growing movement towards minimalism or more simplistic ways of living. Excess items in your home that aren’t organized well make your home feel small and can cause stress.

It’s hard to work productively with a cluttered desk, just as it’s hard to relax in a cluttered home. Clearing out items from your house allows you to shift the focus away from possessions towards experiences with your family. Less stuff equals more life.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

When decluttering, most people get stuck with deciding on what to keep and what to throw away. Getting rid of possessions is hard and we don’t recommend you dispose of valuable items you may need again. A much better solution is to put recently unused items into storage.

Let Pak-n-Stor bring our custom mobile storage containers to your home or apartment for you to pack at your leisure. Search your home for items you haven’t used in the last few months and pack them away in the storage container. Don’t be afraid about what you load into the container because you can always access your items from our secure Calgary storage warehouse.

Once you are finished packing all your recently unused possessions, lock up the container and give us a call. We’ll come and pick up the container and take it to our warehouse for as long as needed.

In a few months time, you’ll start to see what items are required for your life again and which are not. Temporarily putting belongings away in storage is a great intermediate step in the decluttering process without the risk of accidentally throwing away valuable items you’ll need again.

With Pak-n-Stor, there is no need to rent expensive moving trucks, drive to Calgary public storage facilities or unload all your goods into public storage lockers. You simply load the container, and we do all the heavy lifting.

In a few months, a year, or later, give us a call to get your container delivered back to your home. Sorting through the items will make it clear what you need to keep and what can be sold, given to charity or discarded. Mobile self-storage is a great way to ease into decluttering your home.

Pak-n-Stor, Calgary’s Choice for Mobile Self Storage

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Pak-n-Stor is a family operated Calgary self storage company. We’ve been helping Calgary residents and businesses for the past 15 years.

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Prior to storage each QuikPak must be padlocked and only you hold the key. Outside security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gate. Guests must register at the office prior to entry into the secure storage premise. The interior of our facility is heated to protect your furniture and electronics from harsh winter weather. Additionally fire and security systems are professionally monitored 24/7.

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We are Ken and Justin, a father and son team. We are the founders and owners of Pak-n-Stor. You call, we answer. No automated call centers, or scheduling delays. Call us today, we’ll deliver our QuikPak containers as quickly as you need them.

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Pak-n-Stor makes storage easy. We care about great customer service. We make moving and storage so much simpler. Our mission is to save you time and money on storage and moving. In Calgary we are you all-in-one moving and storage partner.