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Should You Use Plastic Bags for Storage?

Whether you are using mobile storage because you are moving, traveling, downsizing or de-cluttering, you want to keep your items safe and sound while they are stored. So are plastic bags the ideal option for storing your belongings?

Plastic Bags for Storage

Disadvantages of Storage in Plastic Bags

We don't recommend bags for storage but If you are going to store with plastic bags, it's a good idea to use clear, heavy duty bags designed for storage. You don't want to use plastic garbage bags because your belongings may be mistaken for trash. It's much easier to accidentally throw away your valuables if it looks like garbage.

There are other reasons that plastic bags aren’t your best option when it comes to storage. For starters, even heavy-duty garbage bags easily break. If you put heavy items in or anything sharp, it’s likely that before you even load them in the mobile storage unit, they might break, requiring you to re-pack on the spot. They also provide no protection for your belongings and are extremely hard to move and store without damaging the items inside. Even if you are storing non-fragile items like clothes, you don't want to risk the bags breaking open while packing or unloading the storage container. Not to mention that your clothing will likely be stuffy because of the airtight bags and very wrinkled. 

Plastic Bags Uses When Storing Items

While plastic bags might not be the best for storing your items in, they can definitely come in handy when packing for storage. Any time you are storing larger items that can get scratched or be damaged by dust - like electronics - it’s a good idea to cover them with a plastic bag, taping off the loose ends of the plastic. You can also use a plastic bag to line boxes if the bottom of the box doesn’t fully close. And if you want to save space, use some vacuum bags for clothes and fabrics before you pack them up in boxes.

Best Ways to Pack Your Mobile Storage Container

Mobile storage units come in a convenient and versatile size that lets you pack up about 1.5 rooms in each container. Because you only pay for the number of storage containers you use, it’s best to pack them up as tightly as possible. To do so, Pak-n-Stor recommends using standard moving cardboard boxes - these stack up perfectly, one on top of the other, to optimize space. Additionally, they are very easy to label, so that you can quickly find the items you need when unpacking later on. Plus, you can reuse cardboard boxes for future storage or they can be recycled.

While using plastic bags for storage is a tempting solution because of cost - it may not be the best way to ensure that your items remain well protected and organized while packing and unloading. Instead, use plastic to protect your posessions from scratches and dust and trust in good old cardboard boxes to optimize space and make packing and unpacking much easier.

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