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How to Label Your Boxes for Storage

Properly labeling your boxes for storage will make unpacking and finding your items infinitely easier. Although it may seem like a tedious task, you will actually save yourself a lot of time and headaches, since you won’t need to hunt through all your boxes to find that one item that you need. As moving and storage experts for over 15 years, Pak-n-Stor would like to share some of our own tips on how to label your boxes for storage.

Labeling Storage Boxes

Write Storage Box Labels

No matter the type of boxes that you are using, you can put labels directly on the box. If you’ve opted for regular cardboard boxes, which we recommend, then you can write directly on them. For plastic storage totes, use printed labels or masking tape that you can write on. The main items to include on your labels are your family member's name or which room the box is for. It is also helpful to include a list summary of items that are in the box, especially if it’s a mixed box.

Number Your Boxes

Another helpful tip is to number your boxes. This will come in handy once you are unpacking or moving boxes into different spaces. It’s useful to label boxes per room, such as number kitchen boxes 1 to 10, then bedroom 11 to 20 and so on. If you plan on unpacking gradually or keeping certain rooms stored, this will help you stay organized and prevent you from searching through boxes to figure out which ones contain the things you need. If you are making a list of contents in each box, the numbers are also a great way to keep detailed notes.

With Pak-n-Stor mobile self storage, you can conveniently separate each room into different containers. This will save a lot of time retrieving items and unloading later on. However, it's still a good idea to keep track of which boxes are in which container, particularly if you are mixing rooms. 

Use Item Lists for Each Box

It’s easy to label boxes that have only one or two items in there, such as dishes or books. However, mixed boxes can be hard to label directly and you inevitably will find yourself searching for that one item you suddenly need at one point or another. If you have the time and patience, a great way to avoid this is by creating a spreadsheet and itemizing each box. Here, box numbers also come in handy as you can list the boxes by number and include columns for room, types of items and then a detailed list. If this is too tedious for each and every box, try to pack like items together and only itemize those that you think you’ll be needing while they are in storage.

Include Instructions If Needed

In addition to helping you unpack, labeling with instructions can protect your things and avoid injuries for you and your family members carrying the boxes. If you are storing items that can easily break, then put labels such as “fragile” and “this side up”. Also, for boxes that weigh more than usual, include a “heavy” label. This type of labeling will help to avoid breaking fragile items in the storage boxes and warn when lifting heavy boxes.

If you are using Pak-n-Stor mobile self-storage, labeling your boxes is an essential step to make unpacking easier. Since your boxes will be stored in a facility that you can access at any time if needed, knowing exactly which storage container and box contains what you need will save you a lot of time if you’d like to get something out of storage.

If you know you are going to need to access something first, make sure that box is properly labeled and placed at the front of the container. For example, you might want to access some cleaning supplies first to give your new home a cleaning prior to moving in. 

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