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Calgary Self Storage Options

Learn about the many options for self storage in Calgary.

Your Options for Calgary Self Storage

Calgary Self Storage

Why use Self Storage?

Self-storage is a great way to free up valuable space in your home, garage or business. There is no need to discard furniture, clothing, tools, equipment, seasonal items, personal memorabilia and other valuables, just to make more room. Affordable Calgary storage solutions allow you keep all your valued possessions and declutter your home or business.

Imagine if over-packed rooms could be cleared out and made usable again. Maybe you could park your vehicles in the garage again? Freeing up the spare bedroom for guests or making room for hobbies or family activities all can greatly improve the quality of your life. At work, your employees can be more productive without the clutter. You don’t need a bigger house or office, you just need to take advantage of Calgary self storage.

Calgary Public Storage

There are many Calgary storage options for your belongings. You can choose from public storage lockers all over the city, large storage container units or mobile self storage delivered to you.

Calgary Self Storage Locations

When shopping for self storage in Calgary, it is common to seek out a storage facility close to your home or business. For example, a Calgary office might look for "downtown self-storage". For personal storage, you might search for “Springbank storage”, “Country Hills storage” or “Okotoks Storage.” The idea is that having a self storage facility near your home or business, allows for easier access.

Having a storage location near you in Calgary is beneficial if you are looking to access the storage lockers on a regular basis, but there is an affordable storage solution that is even more convenient. It’s called mobile self storage.

Mobile Self Storage

Having Calgary storage units, also know as storage containers, delivered right to your home or business is by far the most convenient and time saving option. With mobile self storage, all the hassles of getting your belongings into storage are eliminated.

Calgary Mobile Self Storage

There is no need to rent and drive moving trucks because the storage units are delivered right to you. The storage containers are dropped off in convenient locations around your home for you to pack at your convenience.

At Pak-n-Stor, we’ve created the perfect storage containers for moving and storage. We call them QuikPaks™. We use a modular storage system where we can deliver up to six storage units at a time and place them in different locations around your property.

This optimum size of storage unit offers many advantages:

  • The QuikPak storage containers can be placed in different locations for easier loading.
  • Our container size is perfect for parking spaces, alleys or driveways.
  • Having multiple storage units allows you to separate goods by room. Garage items don’t get mixed with clothing, for example.
  • The storage containers are placed on the ground, so there is no need to climb up and down moving trucks.
  • Our storage containers are always lifted vertically so there is no tilting, which can damage your goods.
  • Pak-n-Stor delivers and picks up the QuikPak storage units so you don’t have to deal with renting a moving truck and driving through busy Calgary streets in a large vehicle.
  • You only need to load the storage units once. There is no unloading at a public storage warehouse. This is one of the biggest advantages that most people don’t realize. When using traditional public storage lockers, after renting a moving truck, loading it up and driving to the storage lockers, you have to unload everything again. That makes for a very long and busy packing day. With Pak-N-Stor, you load once and we handle the delivery.
  • Less handling of your valuables also minimizes damage.
  • Multiple containers allow you to pack belongings in tighter, so there is less chance of movement and damage in transportation.
  • Only pay for the space you need. Order one or two extra storage units, if you are unsure, but we only charge for the containers you use.
  • Get your possessions delivered anywhere you want in Calgary. Are you moving locations? Pak-N-Stor can return your storage units anywhere you want in the city.

The Problems of Large Storage Containers

Large shipping containers are the industry standard for transporting goods across the ocean by container ship. They are perfect for that task, but no so convenient for local storage needs.

Large storage containers are difficult to leave on city streets and impossible to place in driveways or narrow apartment roads because of their massive size.

The Problem with Large Storage Containers

Another key issue is that large storage containers must be tilted when loaded on or off a truck. This can easily damage your valuable possessions. You don’t want your goods to shift during loading and unloading.

Mobile Self Storage is More Secure

With Pak-n-Stor, mobile self storage, we deliver and pick up the storage units. That means there is much less public access to the storage warehouse. You can still access your storage units, but it is by appointment only. This allows us to offer a much more secure storage solution.

Calgary Self Storage Rates

Prices for self storage in Calgary can vary lot. It is important to research different options and make sure you are comparing comparable services. At Pak-n-Stor our storage rates start at only $69 per month per storage unit.

Calgary Self Storage Rates

It is important to remember that with Pak-n-Stor mobile self storage:

  • You won’t need to rent a moving truck.
  • You can pack at your convenience over several days rather than jamming it all into the day you have the rental truck.
  • With large shipping storage containers, you have to pay for the full container, whether you use the whole container or not. With Pak-n-Stor you save money by only paying for what you need.
  • And, most importantly, once you load and lock mobile self storage containers from Pak-n-Stor, you are done. There is no driving to public storage lockers, unloading everything, returning the truck and driving back home. This can save many hours of time that could be better spent with your family. Don’t forget, with public storage lockers, this entire process has to be repeated in reverse when you want your belongings back.

Pak-n-Stor - Affordable Storage in Calgary

Not only is Pak-n-Stor an affordable Calgary storage option, it is also the most convenient and hassle free storage solution. Give us a call today to learn how Pak-n-Stor can help with your Calgary storage needs.

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Prior to storage each QuikPak must be padlocked and only you hold the key. Outside security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gate. Guests must register at the office prior to entry into the secure storage premise. The interior of our facility is heated to protect your furniture and electronics from harsh winter weather. Additionally fire and security systems are professionally monitored 24/7.

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