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Weird and Funny Things Found in a Storage Unit

Superman Comic Found in Storage Unit1. The First Appearance of Superman (1938) Comic was found in 2011 by an unidentified man who purchased the contents of an abandoned storage unit in Southern California. As it turned out, the comic was originally stolen from Nicolas Cage’s home in 2000. The comic was returned to him, only to have him put it up for auction to help pay down his IRS debt of over $12,000,000 dollars. The comic got $2,161,000 at auction.

2. A Human Leg was found inside a auctioned storage unit in 2007. Shannon Whisnant purchased the storage unit for a smoker BBQ inside, and upon lifting the lid he found human leg wrapped in tin foil. After immediately contacting the police the rightful owner of the leg was found. The original customer renting the storage unit had lost his leg in a plane crash in 2004, and was storing it so he could be buried with it. What makes the story even stranger is Mr. Whisnant was charging $3.00 to view the leg inside his newly acquired BBQ before the courts legally gave the leg back to the original owner.

3. A Burglar was trapped and found inside the very storage unit he broke into. Ronald Dennis cut the lock and broke into a storage unit in Missouri only to have the door closed and re-locked behind him. A security guard who was making his rounds noticed a small opening in the unit and thought the customer had forgotten to close it. Being a good Samaritan he got a new lock and closed it up with Ronald inside. Ronald was eventually arrested when the same guard heard Ronald trying to escape.

Burt Reynold's Storage Container4. Burt Reynold’s Movie Memorabilia was auctioned off after somehow Mr. Reynold stopped making payments. His belongings inside included, a chair made of hockey sticks from the movie “Mystery, Alaska” which was filmed in our backyard in Canmore and Banff, Alberta. The canoe used in “Deliverance.” A framed letter from his doctor in 1955 regarding surgery on his spleen. To my surprise his storage unit also included a full size horse carriage built by Dolly Parton. Who knew she had such carpentry skills? This memorabilia can be viewed in Florida here.

Elon Musk Storage Container5. James Bonds Submarine Car was discovered in 1989 by a man who paid $100 for a abandoned storage unit. The car was eventually bought by Elon Musk of Tesla for almost $1,000,000 dollars.

Things Not to Store in Your Mobile Storage Unit

1. Explosives and Weapons. This should be obvious to most clients, but explosives and weapons are extremely hazardous and illegal to store inside a mobile storage unit even if you carry a Canadian PAL license. This includes fireworks and ammunition.

2. Hazardous Materials. These items include anything combustible and flammable, or is toxic when opened. Gasoline, oil, kerosene, paint, fertilizer, chemical cleaners, aerosol cans, and compressed gases of any kind all make the list. Even some regular household cleaners can pose a risk to your belongings if spilled inside one of your mobile storage units, so we recommend taking your cleaners with you to where you’re living.

3. Drugs are illegal to store inside a mobile storage unit. Even prescription medications should not be stored.

4. Perishable Foods should not be stored inside a storage unit as they will most certainly go bad and grow bacteria. This includes live plants, seeds, soil, and pet food. Even things like paper and foam should be sealed inside a box and not stored exposed, by itself. Anything that could potentially attract pests should stay out of any mobile storage unit.

5. Any Items Wet or Damp create a breeding environment for mildew and mold. Finished camping for the summer, and want to pack up the tent for storage? Make sure it is clean and dry before placing it inside a storage unit. The beauty about Pak-n-Stor’s mobile storage unit (the QuikPak) is they are made of wood which helps wick away any moisture and prevents bad smells arising.

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