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Storage Containers for Home Staging and De-cluttering

Staging your home for sale is an extremely important step in getting the maximum amount of equity out of a property. It can make the difference between potential buyers making an offer, or having them pass on your property. Making your home look welcoming, warm, uncluttered, will give you the best chance in getting your home SOLD!

Storage Containers for Home Staging

Most of us live lives with excess. Our old electronics, toys for our kids, or spare furniture we hardly use weigh down on our very existence, cluttering up our souls and minds. Make some space for yourself. Create some space for your family. Discover more space for living.

Here are a few tips for home staging:

  • Depersonalizing a home is important for a potential buyer to see their family in your home. Taking out your personal family photos makes the home more appealing to a buyer as it helps them see the potential possibilities.
  • Setting up proper lighting can illuminate a room for a buyer. This can be done by hunting around Calgary’s lighting stores for deals in new fixtures to set the mood.
  • Along with picking up some cool lighting, making some smart investments in some easy renovations will help. Putting in a back splash in the kitchen with a few tiles is a great way to make the kitchen new again.
  • Storing excess furniture goes a long way in making your rooms look bigger, brighter, and inviting. Have the basics in each room, not extra. Less = more when it comes to home staging.
  • Obviously your home should be clean, top to bottom, especially the kitchen. Go for the “hotel” look. Clean white linens, clean white bathroom towels, along with clean neutral paint colors will make your home look very welcoming.
  • A home that smells great will sub-consciously help a buyer remember your home. It has been proven by science that smell helps recall memory, and when potential buyers are seeing numerous homes in one day, you want your home to be remembered.

Pak-n-Stor can help you by delivering a portable QuikPak storage container to your home. You fill it up with all the excess belongings in your life. We will return to pick up the storage container, and bring it back to our indoor, climate controlled facility. Get the extra “stuff” out, while your home is on the market.

Once your home sells, we can deliver a few more QuikPak storage containers to you, so you can finish the move. Fill up the final QuikPak’s with the rest of your household, and we can re-deliver all of your QuikPak’s to your new home. If you have time in between possession dates, we can store your QuikPaks until your new home is ready.

This doesn’t just help “Calgary home staging ,” it also helps clients who just want to “declutter” their homes. Take back your existing space and clean up your home. We can store all your beloved items with our QuikPak storage unit and keep it within our facility. If you need access, you can come visit your goods within the comfort of our indoor, heating customer viewing area.

Give Pak-n-Stor a call or get a quote online, and see how we can help you in home staging and de-cluttering your home!

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Prior to storage each QuikPak must be padlocked and only you hold the key. Outside security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gate. Guests must register at the office prior to entry into the secure storage premise. The interior of our facility is heated to protect your furniture and electronics from harsh winter weather. Additionally fire and security systems are professionally monitored 24/7.

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