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Self Storage Versus Mobile Storage

Self storage offers location based storage that a client must deliver their own belongings to. These traditional self storage units range in sizes from smaller 5′ x 5′ compartments, to very large 10′ x 40′. The biggest inconvenience for most clients is that you must take your belongings to the self storage business, and unload your truck into the unit. Then when the time comes to get your stuff back you must unload the self storage unit back into your truck, and re-deliver it to your final destination. Once at your new house again your must unload the truck back into your home. This creates more handling of your belongings than necessary, which is also when accidents, or damaging things can occur.

Avoid Moving Your Goods Twice with Mobile Self Storage

Self Storage LockerMobile storage, or portable storage offers a convenient alternative to traditional self storage. Most clients find use for such a service when moving from home to home, interim storage when possessions dates don’t align, home renovations, business archive storage, or home staging / de-cluttering for sale. The biggest advantage of mobile self storage is the convenience of having the storage delivered to your door. This creates the perfect scenario for the client, in that now the customer loads up the mobile self storage unit once, and unloads it once at your final destination. Now there is no extra handling of your belongings like traditional self storage, which in turn means less damage.

Another advantage is there is no need to rent a truck and be own “their” schedule, as you fill the container at your own pace. Once your container is full, the mobile self storage company will return to pick up your unit and bring it back to their facility for storage. When you’re ready to have your belongings back, simply give them a call and arrange re-delivery right to your door again. Hence the saying “Avoid moving twice.” Load once, unload once, and sit back and relax because you made the smart choice with mobile self storage.

Comparison to Large Metal Sea-can Containers

Benefits of Many Storage ContainersI go into this topic in depth in this blog here about the advantages of using multiple smaller mobile self storage units, but I will give a brief explanation here.

So how does a potential client choose the right size of unit. My advice after 15 years in the storage industry is to rent multiple smaller mobile self storage units and protect your belongings, save money, effort, and time.

Here is why:

1. Protect your belongings by packing multiple mobile self storage units tighter. Pak-n-Stor’s mobile storage units are the perfect size to pack securely for minimal shifting during transit. Larger units means more shifting.

2. Organize your belongings room-by-room. This means your don’t have to pack garage and yard items in with bedroom and living room goods. This also helps when it comes time to unload, or to access belongings for retrieval.

3. Delivery system of smaller mobile units allows flexibility for placement onsite at a clients home. This provide ease of loading and unloading for the customer as the mobile unit can be placed exactly where you want it.

Paknstor Storage Container4. Custom fit a mobile self storage container into tight areas, which makes smaller units ideal of apartments, condos and urban homes. Two of Pak-n-Stor’s mobile units will fit into a parking stall.

5. Save money by only renting the amount of space you require. If you order a large container and don’t use all the space you’re wasting your money on empty space. With Pak-n-Stor you can send back any unused mobile self storage units for a refund.

The bottom line is choosing a mobile self storage container is the smartest way to obtain secure, convenient, and flexible storage.

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