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It's self storage delivered to you. Simple.

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Portable Self Storage Units

Storage Units

We bring QuikPak™ portable storage containers right to your home or business.

Calgary Mobile Self Storage

We Deliver Storage Containers to YouWe deliver our weatherproof QuikPak™ storage units to your home, apartment, or business. We will happily place your storage containers where it is easy for you to load them.  We can place the containers in your driveway, parking space, on the street, or into an apartment loading area. Learn more about mobile self-storage.

Put one in the rear to pack your garage and the rest in the front for your home. Whatever you'd like, we're happy to accommodate. We can navigate down tight alleys, narrow driveways, or areas with limited access. Trust Pak-n-Stor to always lift your QuikPaks™ straight up and straight down so you don't have to worry about the safety of the contents.

Our QuikPak™ Calgary Storage ContainersThe perfect size. Each QuikPak™ storage container is 8′ long x 5′ wide x 7′ tall, which has been the storage industry’s standard size for over 100 years. Each QuikPak™ container is designed to hold 1 to 1.5 rooms of goods or a maximum of 2000 lbs of weight.
 Our QuikPak™ Calgary storage units are the optimum size to:

  1. separate your belongings by room, season, or use
  2. protect your belongings from shifting during transit
  3. make it simple to find a specific item when it comes time to access within our warehouse, and
  4. make it easy when it is time to unload at your home

Pak-n-Stor is the convenient and affordable self storage Calgary option.

Calgary Storage Units


Load your belongings on a stress free schedule. Pack smarter. Do half the work, in half the time.

The Perfect Calgary Storage Units

You Pack the Storage Units at Ground LevelOrganize and pack your belongings into our ground-level storage pod on a stress-free schedule. Pack with no time restraint. When you’re done, just padlock the QuikPak™ storage pod and keep the key. Only pay for as much storage as you use. Save your time by not having to rent a truck. Save your money by not paying for a large container and not using all the space.

Easier to pack. Our size has a proven advantage in preventing damage as it’s easier to pack belongings in multiple QuikPak™ storage containers rather than one large container.

You Pack the Storage Containers at Ground Level

Pack Tighter. Pack your QuikPak™ Calgary storage units tighter and easier. With a QuikPak™ you avoid load shifting or damaging items during the delivery and transit of your QuikPak™.

Storage Calgary

Heated &
Indoor Storage

When you’re done, we pickup. Your QuikPak™ portable storage containers are taken to our secure, heated storage facility.

Heated Indoor Calgary Storage

We Store the packed containers in our heated Calgary storage warehouse.Always stored indoors. This protects your belongings from the elements keeping furniture and electronics clean, and safe. Our public storage warehouse is climate controlled and sprinkler equipped. Fire and security systems are monitored 24 hours a day. Additional security is provided by a fenced yard and padlocked gates. All guests must register at the office prior to entering the premise, which is much more secure than typical Calgary public storage facilities. Free viewing/access of your QuikPak™ Calgary storage unit is available with 24 hours notice. Our storage centre is clean, dry, warm, safe, and secure.


Heated Storage WarehouseStore Smarter. Our QuikPak™ Calgary storage containers are built out of weather resistant exterior grade timber and plywood to provide a stable, breathable, and chemical free mobile storage solution. The breath-ability of our units prevents any condensation from building, and keeps your goods smelling just like they did when you packed them, unlike a metal container.

Heated, Indoor, Secure Storage for


$79.00 per QuikPak (2+) / per month  

$199.00 round trip delivery

Never Tilt Guarantee

Our storage containers are always lifted vertically, so you can trust your goods will be protected.


Benefits of Modular Self-Storage

Multiple, ideally-sized storage units offer many advantages over large containers.

  • Our Storage Units offer Better Protection
    Better Protection

    QuikPak storage units are delivered with a truck-mounted forklift. The container is never tilted while raising or lowering.

  • Calgary Storage Pods
    Easy to Pack

    Since QuikPak storage units are smaller, you can pack them tighter. No shifting and no movement, keeps your belongings safe during transit.

  • Perfect Size Calgary Storage Units
    Perfect Size

    Don’t mix your dining room goods with your garage items. Separate your belongings room by room in our individually numbered containers.

  • Affordable Storage Calgary
    Save Money

    Never pay for more space than you need. Only pay for what you use. Not sure how much storage units you need? No problem – order one or more QuikPaks. If you don’t use the extra containers, there is a small restocking fee.

  • Secure Calgary Storage Warehouse
    Secure Storage

    Your QuikPak storage units are always stored inside our facility for added security and peace of mind.

  • Mobile Self-Storage is the perfect storage rental in Calgary
    Versatile Delivery

    QuikPak storage containers fit in multiple locations – on the street, on your driveway, in the back alley, on a parking pad, even in your outdoor condo parking space.

Storage Calgary

Pak-n-Stor is a family operated Calgary self storage company. We’ve been helping Calgary residents and businesses for the past 15 years.

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Latest News

Should You Use Plastic Bags for Storage?

November 2, 2016

Whether you are using mobile storage because you are moving, traveling, downsizing or de-cluttering, you want to keep your items safe and sound while they are stored. So are plastic bags the ideal option for storing your belongings?


Calgary Seasonal Storage Delivered to You

October 24, 2016

Now that summer is officially over in Calgary and Halloween is just around the corner, it's a great time to make sure that all your yard furniture, summer sporting equipment, and other seasonal items are safely stored for the winter. After Halloween is over, why not pack up all those decorations and costumes and store them along with your summer items with Pak-n-Stor mobile self-storage Calgary? Clear up space in your home and garage, while safely storing your belongings away for the winter.



  • Storage Calgary
    Storage Calgary
  • Storage Calgary

    Storage Calgary Pak-n-Stor

    Need a place to store your valuable possessions? There are many storage options in Calgary. You could hire a moving company, rent a moving van, borrow someone’s truck, or you could choose Pak-n-Stor.

    Storage Delivered to You

    The easiest, fastest and best way to put your belongings into storage is to have our QuikPak™ storage units delivered right to your home or business. Don’t waste your valuable time loading trucks then driving to a storage facility to drop everything off, only having to repeat the same process again when you want your possessions back. Load the Pak-n-Stor storage containers once and lock up your things. We take care of the rest.

    When you want your belongings back, we’ll deliver your containers right to your door. Pak-n-Stor offers storage solutions Calgary that are fast, affordable, convenient and friendly. Our family run company will go the extra mile in giving you the service and attention you deserve.

  • Why Mobile Storage
    Why Mobile Storage
  • Why Mobile Storage?

    Calgary Mobile Self-Storage

    As Calgary’s first mobile storage company, Pak-n-Stor saw the need for a better way for Calgarians to store their possessions. There are many hassles and risks associated with typical storage lockers or self-storage facilities. Mobile storage is better in so many ways:

    • Having containers delivered to your home or business saves you time, money and hassles. You don’t need to rent a truck and deal with the liability.
    • You only have to load once, instead of unloading everything again when you get to your storage location. Extra handling is an unnecessary hassle and you risk damaging your furniture and valuables.
    • Our warehouse is heated and secure. You have access to your belongings with 24 hour notice but it is not a public storage facility where anyone can come and go as they wish.
    • Our QuikPak™ storage containers are the perfect size to divide your possessions by rooms and pack everything tightly and safely.
    • Best of all, Pak-n-Stor is very affordable. Our container storage starts at only $69 per month.
  • Self-Storage Calgary
  • Self-Storage Calgary

    Self-Storage Calgary

    Self storage is a great way to clear space in your home or business, protect valuable possessions in a heated and secure warehouse or just safe-keep all your belongings while you travel, relocate for business or go away for school.

    The problem with most self-storage locations is that you have to find a way to get all your possessions to the storage facility. You need to rent a truck, load it, and then unload it again that same day to get your stuff into storage. Every time you move your things you risk damaging furniture or breaking valuables. Why go through that much hassle?

    Pak-n-Stor - Self-Storage Done Right

    There is a better way. Pak-n-Stor will deliver our own custom QuikPak™ storage containers right to your door to load your possessions at street level. When you are finished, you lock it up with your own lock so your belongings will only be handled by you. We then pickup and store your containers in our heated, secure warehouse. When you need your belongings again, we deliver the container to wherever you like in the city. 

  • Public Storage Calgary
    Public Storage
  • Public Storage Calgary

    Calgary Public Storage

    They main problem with public storage is that it is public. Allowing virtually anyone access to the facilities without strict security puts your valuable possessions at risk. 

    At Pak-n-Stor, all our clients can access their containers whenever they require with 24 hours notice. You get ready access to your containers, but we can keep close security on all the containers. With 24 hour monitoring your possessions are 100% safe and secure.

    Our storage warehouse is heated and secure so your possessions will be dry, warm and completely protected. It's very difficult to offer these levels of service in public storage warehouses. 

    Learn more about the benefits of Pak-n-Stor over Calgary public storage

  • Calgary Storage Lockers
    Storage Lockers
  • Storage Lockers

    Forget the Storage Lockers - Pak-N-Stor is Better

    If you only have a few things to store, storage lockers can be a convenient option. However, for most storage needs, the hassles of renting a truck, loading it up, driving to your new storage locker, emptying all the contents, and then driving home is just not worth it. There are better options for storage rentals in Calgary.

    Let Pak-n-Stor do all the heavy lifting. We'll deliver our own custom QuikPak™ containers right to your home or business. You load them up at street level so you don't have to climb up to a high truck. When you are done loading, lock up your container and we'll come and pick it up. It's fast, convenient, affordable and friendly. 

    Your belongings will be safely stored in our heated storage warehouse for as long as you need. Access your goods anytime you like with 24 hours notice, and when it's time to bring everything home, we'll deliver the containers right to your door. 


  • Calgary Storage Containers
    Storage Containers
  • Storage Containers YYC

    Storage Containers
    You've seen standard shipping or storage containers on trains, ships and on the back of large semi-trucks many times. These steel containers are great for moving large quantities of goods over great distances, but they are less suitable for local self-storage.

    The shear size means you'll be paying for storage and expensive delivery costs that you are unlikely to fully utilize. 

    Our QuikPak storage containers are the perfect, manageable size. Two of them will fit in a standard parking space and you can position the containers in different areas around your home or business to minimize loading distance. 

    The other problem with steel containers is they are largely air tight, potentially leading to a musty or stale smell on your possessions. Our Pak-n-Stor containers are made of  breathable wood construction that will keep your belongings will be free of odours. 

  • Calgary Storage Units
    Calgary Storage Units
  • Calgary Storage Units

    The Perfect Storage Unit

    We're very proud of our Calgary storage units. We think they are the perfect size and construction to safely store your belongings. Prior to 2001, when we became the first and only mobile self-storage company in YYC, we thought long and hard about creating the best storage containers. They had to be the optimum size and optimum material.

    Size Counts in Storage Containers

    Storage units can be too big or too small. Make it too big, and you'll be wasting space in the container and your possessions will be loosely arranged, potentially leading to damage in transportation. Too small of a container, and you'll need too many different containers. 

    QuikPak Storage Unit

    Our storage containers are an industry standard size of 7' X 5' X 8' and are designed to fit about 1.5 rooms of belongings or a maximum of 2000 pounds. This way you can neatly organize your storage by it's use. This makes packing and unpacking much simpler, protects your goods in transportation and allows for easy access in the future.

    Storage Unit Construction

    Our QuikPak™ containers are made of exterior grade timber and plywood creating breathable, chemical-free storage, that will keep belongings safe from odours. Combined with our fully weather-proof custom fit covering tarp, the QuikPak™ storage container can withstand any type of weather.

  • Affordable Storage
    Affordable Storage
  • Affordable Storage Calgary

    Affordable Storage Calgary

    Convenient and secure self-storage doesn't have to be expensive. At Pak-n-Stor, we pride ourselves on both our great customer service and some of the lowest mobile storage prices in YYC.

    Our storage costs as little as $69 per month per container. With all the time and hassles you'll save by having the storage containers delivered to your door,  there is no better deal. Pak-n-Stor is affordable storage Calgary.

    Easy and Affordable Self-Storage

    Having portable storage units delivered to your home saves you time, money and hassles. There is no need to rent moving trucks, with all the risk and costs that entails. There is no need to drive to public storage lockers. And, the best part is that you don't need to unload the truck to get your belongings into storage. Once your Pak-n-Stor storage unit is packed, it stays packed until you are ready to get your belongings back. 

    Less handling of your belongings will save you lots of work and frustration on packing day, and it will minimize potential damage to your belongings. You want to handle your valuables as little as possible.

  • Residential Storage
    Residential Storage
  • Residential Storage YYC

    Residential Storage Calgary

    There a many great reasons to take advantage of Pak-n-Stor mobile self-storage for your home. Here are just a few:

    • Storage of your possessions in between moving to a new home.
    • Clearing out your home for renovations.
    • Storing seasonal items like your patio furniture in the summer, or your Christmas and snow equipment in the winter.
    • Clearing out your garage so you can park your car indoors again.
    • Combining households with your partner.
    • Decluttering your home.

    Whatever your reasons for securely storing your belongings, trust that Pak-n-Stor will extend the levels of service and quality that only a local, family run company can. Visit our Residential Storage Ideas page for more home storage solutions.

  • Storage Calgary
    Storage Calgary
  • Storage Containers Calgary

    Calgary Storage Pods

    Storage units or moving containers are another name for portable storage containers. At Pak-n-Stor, we call our storage QuikPaks™, because of their optimum size for easy packing and neatly organizing your belongings. 

    At Pak-n-Stor, we're definitely not the biggest, but we think we are among the best. Our Calgary based, family run company has been in the mobile storage business for more than 15 years delivering thousands of storage containers to satisfied customers. Give us a call to see what makes us different. 

  • Commercial Storage Calgary
    Commercial Storage
  • Storage Ideas for Your YYC Business

    Commercial Storage Calgary

    Is your office or business suffering from a lack of space? Are you over-loaded with files, inventory, or other items that you wish could be cleared out of the way?

    There is no need to rent more expensive office or warehouse space. Let Pak-n-Stor become your extended storage solution. We can deliver storage containers right to your shop or business. Simply load the containers and we'll take them back to our secure, heated storage facility. Pak-n-Stor is affordable commercial storage made easy

    Here is just a small sampling of how your business might benefit from Pak-n-Stor storage:
    • Construction Projects - protect office furniture and other items
    • Store holiday decorations away for the rest of the year
    • Hold excess inventory or seasonal items
    • Secure document storage
    • Temporarily store bulk inventory purchases
    • Store office equipment during renovations
    Visit our Commercial Storage Ideas page for more information. 
  • Moving Calgary
    Moving Calgary
  • Moving and Storage Calgary

    Moving Calgary

    Are you moving in YYC? Congratulations on finding the perfect new home. We hope your move goes smoothly. We've created a great Packing Tips guide that might help with the move. Pak-n-Stor storage containers are perfect for all stages of your move. Our containers can help you clear the clutter for staging your home, store valuables during renovations, protect your belongings if there are delays in moving to your new home, and more. Learn more about moving and storage Calgary with Pak-n-Stor.

    Self-Storage for Moving

    If there are any delays in moving to your new place, Pak-n-Stor can help. Take advantage of our mobile self-storage containers to store all your belongings until your new home is ready to move in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a month or a year, Pak-n-Stor is here for you.

    We’ll deliver as many storage containers as you need, you pack them and lock them.  We’ll pick up and store your furniture and other possessions until you move in to your new place. When you are ready, we’ll deliver the containers to your new location to unpack. It’s fast, convenient, affordable and friendly.

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